Friday, April 30, 2010

new Blog!

I'm now a blogger betrayer. I've moved to this new address for my blogging. So please update accordingly (to the 1 person who actually reads this, anna):

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ah~ warmer weather. Well, a little bit warmer. I'm definitely enjoying the nice sun we're getting because I've gotten PALE. Chase and I have been going outside more instead of playing Xbox. I really enjoying walking around and snapping pics with him. :) I'm going to try to update this blog more with more than pics of JUST FOOD (looks at Anna).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I see Your face in every sunrise
The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes
The world awakens in the light of the day
I look up to the sky and say
You’re beautiful

I see Your power in the moonlit night
Where planets are in motion and galaxies are bright
We are amazed in the light of the stars
It’s all proclaiming who You are
You’re beautiful, You're beautiful

I see you there hanging on a tree
You bled and then you died and then you rose again for me
Now you are sitting on Your heavenly throne
Soon we will be coming home
You’re beautiful, you're beautiful

When we arrive at eternity’s shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and we’ll sing
You’re beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful

I see Your face, You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful
I see Your face, You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful
I see Your face, I see Your face
I see Your face, You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful, You’re beautiful

You're Beautiful by Phil Wickham

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twenty Ten~

Happy New Year! It really seems like the years get faster as I get older. Haha, that makes me sound old, but whatever. We've been really blessed this past year, so it'll be interesting what God has in store for us this year. I haven't posted any pics from Christmas yet so here they are.

We stayed here at the Victorian Inn in Blowing Rock, NC for Christmas. It was Chase's surprise Christmas present to me (that and a REALLY nice straightening iron). We were to go up to the mountains for a white Christmas and ski. What we hadn't planned on was an ice storm. This was not one of those nice ones where everything is just slightly iced and beautiful. The power lines were down so none of the restaurants were open and we really had nothing to do in our room. There was already snow everywhere. But that snow turned into huge banks of ice.

We ventured outside to see the damage and of course for me to take pics! Hanging on the veranda were these "icicle" Christmas lights that had turned into real icicles.

The snow/ice was beautiful. You can see how deep it is by the Nativity scene behind the tree. Baby Jesus is covered in an embankment of snow.

We made our way cautiously down the mountain to get some supplies like card games and our Christmas dinner of Honey buns and olive oil Triscuits. This was a hilarious irony. We definitely did NOT need anymore ice at that point....

The next morning, the owners of the Bed and Breakfast came back from the holidays and served us this yummy breakfast. They heard about our ...different Christmas iced-in and took pity on us and we got another night's stay for FREE! (It's really expensive too. :D)

So we made a day of it, eating gourmet chocolates, looking at all the quaint stores in Blowing Rock. We ate lunch at a grille on the main street. I ate a BLT with fried green tomatoes. Totally unhealthy but totally delicious. This is the hubby at the grille looking quite dapper in his flannel.

We went to one of the B &B owner's wine store for a free wine tasting~! We got to learn more about wine and sample a few. It was fun.

I'm glad God gave us this blessing of getting to hang out in Blowing Rock. It really made up for being stuck inside, but 2009's Christmas was definitely memorable. Thank you Baby! I also found out that I don't want to live in cold, icy places. ;p

This was our fireplace for Christmas. Since we were gone for most of the holiday, we didn't decorate the house too much.

For New Years we stayed in and I made a roasted spatchcocked chicken. To spatchcock basically means taking out the spine and laying it flat. It cuts the time in half for cooking. I took some herb butter and stuck it under the skin before cooking it. It was delicious.

This is the Guiness Stout Chocolate cake. It was one of the best chocolate cakes I've ever had/made in my life. It was covered in chocolate whipped cream yumminess.

This was breakfast on New Years morning. Skirt steak rubbed in chili powder with tomato, corn, and jalepeno salad. Also pretty freaking delicious.

I'll post a pic of my new hair later. I dyed my bangs hot pink and cut them. God bless you guys!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Hisashiburi post~!

We were married on November 7~! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were totally blessed by our family, friends, and guests. :D

After our honeymoon in Tokyo and Hakone, Japan, we quickly went back to Okinawa to pack my things and say our good-byes to peeps... This is about half of all the food I sent to the states. I could seriously open a store with all the Jp foods I have.

We're keeping busy here and trying to get plugged in as much as possible at church. Chase is teaching a grappling class on Sundays at noon. It's called "Grappling with the Word." They do that then a bible study that relates with the moves they've learned. I sit back with my coffee and do my readings in Systematic Theology while they're doing their thing.

The Women of CCJacksonville put together a Christmas Tea. It was a really awesome time of snacking, crafts, chatting, and a really good message. :D

I've been cooking a LOT. I get bored pretty easily with food so I've been experimenting with all sorts of food. The first one was a beef roast that I had braised pretty much all day. Behind it is a challah bread and in the front Parmesan garlic potatoes. I think my favorite in that meal was the potatoes. The picture underneath is a lox (smoked salmon) salad with a nice balsamic vinaigrette. I love salmon. <3

We're getting settled in nicely in Wilmington (NC). I'll leave you this sign (above). Does anyone know what's wrong with it? God bless you guys and Happy New Years!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hisashiburi post!

Phew! Hisashiburi dane? I've been quite busy these past couple of months. God has definitely outdone any expectations I've ever had and has blessed me quite profusely. :D A quick update is in order, huh?

First off, I visited my then boyfriend a couple of months ago and now I'm engaged to a wonderful man of God! That's my ring on top of my piano, btw. :)

Then, the chickas threw me a bachelorette party. There was games, gifts, kareoke, and so much laughing! It was one of the best parties thrown for me. I love them. ^.^ Aaaand, yes. I am wearing a teal grass skirt over my jeans.

This afternoon, my mom, Anna, and I went to the restaurant "Daikon no Hana" for lunch before going down to Itoman to see my obaa-chan. Daikon no Hana is an all you can eat organic place. Even after totally pigging out until you can't eat anymore, you really don't feel guilty because... it's organic? The food was delicious and I totally love the decor. It's kinda Wafu (Japanese) circa Meiji era. I think it's more of an adult place unless your kids dig eating organic foods (AKA mostly veggies). Definitely hitting this place up again.

Afterwords, we went to a couple of beaches where I tested out the new lens the fiance graciously gifted me with.

After the sun set, we saw a sign for a cafe so we explored. It was probably one of the best views from a cafe. My only qualm with the place was that the windows were open and I was definitely getting eaten. Everyone else was safe though (as long as I was around). Cafe au lait was good though.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

VBS Week

We had VBS this past week. I got to hang out with the peeps from CC Montebello. I'll post pics from that later. For now enjoy the video.

And a lot of people got sick this week, including me and Anna. I pimped out her mask with an Autobots symbol.